Reverse HST calculator

All Harmonized Sales Tax calculators on this site can be used as well as reverse HST calculator. It is very easy to use it.

You have a total price with HST included and want to find out a price without Harmonized Sales Tax ? Enter that total price into “Price including HST” input box at the bottom of calculator and you will get excluding HST value and HST value.


How to use HST Calculator for reverse HST Calculation

Enter HST inclusive price on the bottom:

Reverse HST Calculator Input
Reverse HST Calculator Input

HST value and price without HST will be calculated automatically :

Reverse HST Calculator Result
Reverse HST Calculator Result

That’s it!

On the right sidebar there is list of calculators for all Canadian provinces where HST is introduced.

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  1. I needed to know what 5% HST( for books in NL) was included in my total statement, but there was nothing to show that amount.

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